About Logisolar

Logisolar has developed a mobile solar fruit dryer to utilise excess fruit.

A huge amount of fruit goes to waste in Australia. It is left unpicked in the orchard, rejected because it is blemished, or discarded as being out of specification for target markets.

Logisolar is a green business drying without food additives, reducing waste and using renewable energy.

Fruit waste reduction drivers:

  • Mobile Solar dryer Model D76 dehydrates economic quantities of fruit
    • The dryer turn over allows both operator and grower to profit
    • The capital investment in rental or purchase is low enough to benefit all growers
  • D76 can be moved to the fruit
    • This reduces transport emissions
    • This allows it to use ripe fruit too soft to pack and ship
    • This increases grower return by cutting out the middleman
  • D76 rescues blemished and excess-production fruit

Solar powered dryer benefits:

Solar Dryers
Two Dryers in Operation

Elimination of dried fruit additives:

  • Dryer D76 is enclosed and protects fruit from contamination, leaving no need for sulphur
  • D76 dries to low moisture content, leaving no need for preservatives
  • D76 dries close to the tree, retaining the highest nutrition and best flavour
  • D76 exposes the natural fruit flavour by not masking it with chemical tastes

We use the dryers ourselves to produce preservative-free dried fruit with vivid colours and flavours, using heat from the sun. We market the ever-increasing range of dried fruit sales through an ever extending range of retail outlets and farmers markets.

Our Values:

We believe a green business should not only have a low environmental impact but should also trade in an ethical manner:

  • We offer nutritious food without artificial preservatives;
  • By small batch processing, we support agricultural diversity;
  • We also support, by batch processing, organic agriculture;
  • We co-operate and trade fairly with growers and fruit dryers;
  • Most of our work is rural, supporting rural economic development;
  • We put long-term economic gains ahead of short-term profit.