Hire a Dryer

Our Services

We offer the mobile dryer for short and long term hire.

We also offer two other services:

where customers are invited to bring their fruit to our premises, prepare the fruit and use the dryer at our site;
Contract drying
where customer ships fruit here and we dry, package and return dried product.

These three services and dryer purchase can be compared on weight of fruit and they make a progression of increasing raw fruit that can be processed. We include an alternative available to the customer; using one of the commonly available bench-top electric dehydrators.

Service Volumes:
Option Bench-top Contract dry Try-byb Dryer hire Dryer purchase
Min. fruit Kg (pa.) 1 65 18 375 1300
Max. fruit Kg (pa.) 20 350 500 7500 13000

If you have 100kg each year, then we should discuss the merits of contract drying or try-byb. It is probably not worth considering hiring or buying a dryer.
If you've got 1000kg pa. +, then it not something we'd normally contract dry or try-byb. Consider hiring or dryer purchase.

The numbers in the table are illustrative and stem from many assumptions: fruit preparation wastage (30%), labour rate ($15/hr), raw fruit price ($1/kg), dried fruit price $25-35/kg.

Within the range of the table min. to max., the drying can usually be accomplished at a profit (including the cost of fruit and labour). Margins fall toward the minimum fruit weights in each range. We can not model the bench-top dryer as economic, unless fruit or labour are free (exceptions apply).

Solar Dryer on a Ute
Our Dryers are easily transportable.


Prices for dryer hire and related services are typically $40/day with changes for labour, motor, delivery and training as appropriate.

The contract drying prices vary with fruit and batch size from $10-20/dried kg.

For further information contact us and request a quotation.