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Introducing the D76 mobile solar dryer

The model D76 can dry a load of fruit or vegetables in a day. We load the raw sliced fruit early in the morning to best use the energy from the sun. The D76 is an enclosed and insulated box and it has blowers to force the air over the fruit on racks. Using solar heater panels the sun indirectly heats the air circulating within the box. The atmosphere inside the box is temperature and humidity controlled linked to a fan that vents the internal air out to ambient. To finish the drying at night we have an integrated heat pump. The heat-pump is controlled to suit the conditions of the drying load of fruit. It removes water and provides heat. A large amount of extra heat can be provided in a controlled way using mirrors that focus, onto the panels, and track the sun.

Features of dryer model D76 include:

  • Mobile dryer can be moved from orchard to orchard AND wheeled from the drying green inside during wet weather
  • Solar assisted heat-pump operates night and day using free solar heat backed up by mains electricity
  • Focussed solar boosts the load capability to typically 75kg per day and with heat control
  • Controller automatically regulates temperature and humidity

Prices start around AUD$8k, with a fully optioned model D76 around AUD$10k.
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Solar Dryer
Mirrors focus sunshine onto North and South heater panels

Information about D76 options

Fruit comes in many shapes and sizes with different properties during drying, our customers have space time and financial constraints; because of this we offer a range of options including:

  • Solar tracking axle assembly; adding two axle assemblies to a dryer enables the maximum load capacity to be dried on a daily basis. The assembly consists of an axle that rotates tracking the sun with electronic control and motor (12v), 4 inclined mirrors pre-focussed onto the heater panel and a frame and adjustable leg that allows the user to set the axle to suit the declination of the sun at that time of year.
  • Spare mesh set for 66 shelves; this makes it easier to dry a full load every day by taking the mesh cleaning a drying step out of the loop of unloading and loading raw fruit.
  • 50mm shelves; this increase from standard 40mm shelves makes it easier to load some fruit. The number of shelves is reduced to 50, with 75% of the shelf area but the thicker fruit usually compensates for this to give a similar, or even a larger, raw fruit capacity. Usually with thicker fruit the drying time extends beyond the standard daily repeat cycle
  • Rh/T data logger; this stand alone data recorder is used for quality control and quality assurance making an independent record of every drying run that is carried out. It records the temperature and humidity inside the dryer every 5 minutes and comes with software to download the data, via a USB port, onto a computer where it can be graphed and examined or emailed to Logisolar for comment
  • Railway; this mechanical device enables the rapid and easy unloading of the dryer from a utility tray or trailer without needing a fork lift or like.
  • Special Trolley; the standard dryer comes with a base unit that has pneumatic wheels enabling the dryer to be wheeled over flat ground from a covered storage or winter drying area out into the sun for solar drying. The sites for some customers differ and we offer a range of engineering solutions to accommodate these requirements.