Shipping Advice

Important note: Discounted pricing only applies to orders above $70.

Shipping Advice

We endeavour to find the best way to get our dried fruit naturals to the consumer. Our philosophy would be to have the grower dry the fruit and sell direct to the consumer. Away in the future we hope to be drying fruit all over Australia so we can change our approach to selling direct from a grower/processor to a consumer and ship dried fruit between grower/processors. Dried fruit transportation is more sustainable compared to raw fruit; dried fruit does not require as much space, it's much lighter and stores for much longer. One day we'll be sending large consignments like dried banana from Tully to Mt Pleasant and dried apples back from Mt Pleasant to Tully. For your convenience we offer a mail order service which can be accessed via the internet. Our mail order system has been upgraded with a revision to our website in Nov 2012 aiming to reduce customer shipping costs. We currently offer carton shipping by a local courier company who service Adelaide and surrounds and alternatively cartons by Australia Post. Australia Post services the whole country but is almost twice as expensive, in comparable SA. As LSE grows to have bases in the other states we will ship using state based local couriers elsewhere. Australia Post have substantial delivery advantages over couriers by using customers home letter boxes and PO boxes and some customers prefer to use the postal service. We can recommend our local couriers who deliver a friendly personal service. We can't yet recommend a nationwide courier who can match this service and price. We want to support Australia Post when this is to our customer's advantage.

We welcome customers who want to arrange their own collection. Please Contact Us.

We sell our dried fruit at farmers markets and through local outlets; obviously in these cases we sell single packets. We have not found a way to ship single packets economically, the post is more than the price of the packet of dried fruit and we can't see how this makes sense for anything more than the occasional special order. We have looked at the average size our previous mail orders and at shipping cost against order size and come up with a standard carton that compromises shipping cost and dried fruit value. This carton is around 30L and is filled with about $100 value of our least dense lowest price/kg dried apple and we can get this to our SA customers for under $10 (in 2012). With a typical mix of dried fruit the carton can take around 40 off 100g bags of dried fruit. The website will show how much your order fills the carton. If this solution does not match your requirements then we can offer some other smaller sizes via the standard Australia Post satchels but they are more than 10x as expensive per unit volume: please Contact Us if you wish to discuss this. We offer a discount for online mail orders when the order value reaches a threshold. This threshold was $70.

The dried fruit naturals are often very crisp, especially apple. This makes them quite fragile. They are sharp enough to puncture the plastic bags which we use to keep moisture and oxygen away from dried fruit, punctured bags leads to short shelf life. We ship almost all our dried fruit in cartons to protect the dried fruit from being crushed or bags punctured.

The mail order dried fruit is shipped as soon as we can after getting the purchase order. We use stock that we hold at the office. We have most of our stock off premises in cool storage. The stocking levels will oscillate over a fortnightly period so if we don't have enough of the products you want have another look in a few days.