Our Message to You

Our business

We are a dried fruit sales business that offers Australian dried fruit direct from the producer. We provide dried fruit as a healthy snack and an ingredient for cookery. This is high quality fruit, dried to preserve the colour flavour and nutrition. We promote use of natural preservatives avoiding sugar and sulphur. We also promote sustainability within our business. We are independent and are based in the Adelaide Hills. We are a small, Australian owned, business

Our request

We would like you to support our business. If you enjoy our dried fruit then support us by buying more and telling your friends and link to our site. If you like what we are doing then contact us, come visit us come and join us. If you can see ways we can do things better then let us know.


Food safety is very important to us. As well as legal and regulatory requirements we also promote personal responsibility throughout the process with open traceability emanating from the website ordering process where you can pick your favourite dryer's products to buy. On the other hand we rely upon you to recognise that preservatives are used in dried fruit for a very good reason, the fruit lasts longer in a stable state, we edited out pristine in favour of stable! Our preservative free dried fruit does not have an infinite shelf-life and will not last as along as artificially preserved, so best eat it within several months.

Choice and preservatives

We offer different dried fruit products with a choice not readily available in the shopping mall on in the supermarket. We mainly offer preservative free but sometimes use lemon juice and vinegar in the fruit preparation process.

Pricing policy

We believe that small business has a role to play in developing niche specialist markets that mass production and global business cannot manage effectively. We are keen to promote small scale fruit drying by offering a packaging and sales route for the product but without the usual value-added mark-up. We see ourselves linking consumers with ethical, hygienic, diverse Australian dried fruit small business. We have a commitment to providing the best possible service to our valued customers at the lowest prices yet returning as much as we possibly can to the fruit grower and fruit dryers.

Our 'green' business

One objective is to have a low environmental footprint and operate in a 'green' way:

  • We co-operate and trade fairly with growers and fruit dryers.
  • We offer nutritious food and without artificial preservatives.
  • We put long term economic gains ahead of short-term profit.
  • By batch processed small dried fruit lot sales, we support agricultural diversity.
  • We also support, by batch processing, organic agriculture.
  • Most of our work is rural, supporting rural economic development.
  • Low environmental impact:
    • Increasing post-harvest fruit utilisation.
    • Minimising waste.
    • Using renewable energy, we are very keen on solar energy dried fruit.
    • Utilising low technology - low energy methods.
    • Accept trade-off of speed and convenience against cost.